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The BOP to the TOP had a good turnout with just over 1,300 people in attendance.

check race winner Justin Stewart's video


More than 15,000 people registered for this year's Drumstick Dash.

FAST COMPANY! At the Drumstick Dash - Nate Leo, Indy 500 winner Scott Dixon, Jim Leo and Indy Lights
driver Anders Krohn

All Sisters! at the Outback Scramble event in November.

The WINE AT THE LINE event at Mallow Run Winery drew a large crowd of nearly 3,000 this year.

Along the Carmel Marathon course

This year's RACE FOR THE CURE had a donkey as an entrant!

Erin and Chloe Count climb the stairs at the 28th annual Bop to the Top
event - January 22. This year was a record crowd of 1,400 people. Close to $15,000 was raised for Riley Hospital for Children.

morning newscaster for WXIN-59 Bill Remeika did this year's BOP - and then wrote about it:


It was a chilly 10 degrees for the Race to the New Year at Cool Creek Park - perhaps it should have been "cold creek park" - a good time was had by all!

Drumstick Dash winner Whitney Bevins and 'First to catch the Turkey' Allison Fife.

Drumstick Dash - TOP GUYS! Jordan Fife, Brandon Rooney, Aaron Harding, Jessie Davis

Drumstick Dash - First in the Media Challenge - JULIE PATTERSON of WISH-TV8 (Steve Kerr on left and Ralph Reiff on right)

The Start of the Ripple Effect down Broad Ripple Ave.


Beautiful weather made for a great post race area at the Ripple Effect!


FREEDOM RUN Winners... who drink MILK! - Jesse Davis and Whitney Bevins -


Fast company at the IU Mini-Marathon - from L to R: Cindy Harris, Julia Costello, Tatiana Mironova, Dani Prince, Svetlana Baygulova, Stephen Haas, Matthew Flaherty, Mark Fruin, Maxim Zobov, Cory Ferguson

In the News
Barb Berggoetz, Health & Fitness Reporter of the Indianapolis Star is blogging about the people she is following that are training for the Mini-Marathon - check it out here.

Tri Indy Date Change

February 2, 2010

We have had to change the date of the Tri Indy to August 1 this year. Originally it was to be held on August 15.




NEW for 2010 - this year's Indianapolis Monumental Marathon will have a 5K to go along with the Full and Half Marathon events. The new 5K will be sponsored by HNTB. The event is scheduled for November 6 - mark your calendar now.


Bop to the Top... New York Style
Check out this video clip from the BBC at this year's New York City Empire Run Up - They do a 'mass-start' in the hallway - Crazy! Congrats to Syd Arak who won his age-group this year and also Cindy Harris who was 3rd in her age-group. Video Clip

Cold Weather Running.... it can be down-right chilly! A few tips

Check in registration at this year's BOP

Mark Turner (1035) displays the first ever Bop to the Top T-shirt from 1984 - standing by him is volunteer Stan Curts

Bop to the Top was another huge success with 1,400 people competing up to the 36th floor. This year's winners were no strangers to the event .... Marty Wilkey and Cindy Harris. More than $20,000 was raised for Riley Hospital for Children.


It was COLD for Race to the New Year on January 2 - only 9 degrees!

A record crowd of 3,200 people attended the Jingle Bell run and walk!

April Fools event

Purdue Half Marathon Updates